Enjoy in Tuscon with the kids at the Tuscon Kidsfest

We just wanted to let everyone know, especially the parents, well only the parents really, that this weekend is the third annual Tuscon Kidfest. For the third year in the row Tuscon Convention Center is going to be a host to a lot of fun for the youngest. Festival will last for two days and our friends over at the Tuscon Kidfest have prepared a lot of goodies for the little ones.

Enjoy in Tuscon with the kids at the Tuscon Kidfest

A number of us here from the City of Tuscon website are friends with people who are in charge of the Kidfest, so they kindly asked us if we could give them a shoutout here on the website. We’re just sorry that we haven’t thought about doing it sooner. Kidfest started out first back in 2017, at the same location that it takes places in now, the Tuscon Convention Center. The exact address is:

Tuscon Convention Center
260 S Church Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

Tuscon Kidfest will take place this weekend, June 22nd and June 23rd. That’s both Saturday and Sunday. Since the fest is targeted at kids hours are appropriately set at 11AM till 4PM. Prices for tickets are $15 a pop, but keep in mind that this is if you purchase them directly from the Convention Center Ticket Office. They might be a bit more pricier if you go through a third party ticket reseller.

As for the actual activities at the Kidfest, well there’s a lot of them planned. We’re talking about fun for kids of all ages. There’s going to be a slime zone, carnival rides, dinosaur encounters, animal interaction zone, inflatables bouncy castles, obstacle courses, dancing shows and many other fun games for the young ones.

Stars of the show however are Bookman Entertainment group or whatever you call them, and special guests are Chase & Marshall from PAW Patrol. They will be featured on both Saturday and Sunday, so the chances of you missing them are pretty slim. We really recommend everyone with families to go to the Tuscon Convention Center this weekend with their little ones for a lot of fun. I’m sure that they will appreciate it.

Oh and we almost forgot. Like every year, military families have a discount, $5 off, which means that they can get tickets for only about $10 if they are purchased through the ticket office of the convention center themselves. That is very nice gesture from the team behind Kidfest, and I’m sure that military families are very thankful to them.

A couple of us folks here at the City of Tuscon website are parents, so we will be going to the Kidfest to have some fun and unwind. Hope to see you there. Cheers.