Happy New Year to everyone

Hello there fellow citizens of Tuscon, Happy New Year, we wish you all the best in the upcoming year and that the wishes and hopes of good people of this great city of ours come true. Each of us here at the City of Tuscon team will do his/hers best to make 2018 a memorable year for this city and the website.

Obligatory New Year congratulations

You will have to forgive us, as we are still recovering from the New Year’s Eve celebrations, so we are a little bit late with congratulations, but we wish you all a happy New Year. All our readers are probably already preparing for getting back at their jobs on Tuesday, as are we, but it’s still January 1st, so congratulations are still in order.

We hope that 2018 is going to be filled with much more success than 2017 and that all your plans come true, at least the good ones, 🙂 . Something similar is what we want for the website and we hope to get many new visitors come to see what we are doing here on the City of Tuscon website. Anyway, thank you all for your support up until now, however short it might be, and we hope to have your back all throughout 2018.